Kayakster Marketplace Idea


Good ideas can come from interesting events in our life!

he Kayakster Marketplace is a great example of a good idea coming out of an interesting event. Here’s what happened…

It all started while I was visiting the coast of California on a business trip without the intention of kayaking. For this trip in particular my schedule was jammed pack with very little wiggle room so I was super committed to business without room for pleasure. So the inflatable kayak stayed in the garage as I journeyed to Ventura Ca.

Kayaking the west coast of California can be amazing.  
If you ever been to the west coast of California the scenery can be amazing and the wildlife even better. On my way to the hotel I crossed over the harbor channel and it was just calling my name. The water in the harbor was like glass and I could hear seals barking from somewhere off into the distance. I thought to myself “I need to get out there. It would be awesome to get close to the seals!” And so the search quickly started for a local kayak that I could reasonable rent for the time period that I needed one.


Harbor Seals
Harbor seal colony

Kayaking with Harbor Seals without bothering them = priceless!

Immediately I searched Google (like so many of us do today) for kayaks in the local area. After calling a list of local business the results where all the same. The kayaks available for rent could only be used during business hours during the daytime and one particular place said I could take the kayak and return it tomorrow with a 24 hour rental charge. What?! Where would I store kayak? In my hotel room? The thought was in the right place but unfortunately not practical for my situation. So the search continued.

I moved my search to Craigslist in Ventura Ca. to see if someone had a kayak in the area for rent. And of course the results where mainly based on kayaks for sale. Nobody rents their kayak for some reason which is interesting because I would certainly rent one right now if it was possible. The only real option at the time is to go ahead and buy one but thats ridiculous. I might as well rent one for 24 hours. I had no idea how limited kayak access could be.

Then something brilliant happened. During my search I found a great online marketplace called The Quiver where you can rent surfboards from local surfers. What!! This is awesome! Exactly what I need BUT for kayaks. So the gears in my head started spinning as I thought more about the possibility of people renting (or buying) kayaks from other people. So the Kayakster Marketplace was officially born.

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Of course you have other great paddling sites out there like paddling.com that bring so much value to the kayaking community. We hope our services can do the same. And together everyone has a chance to experience the liberating feeling of exploring in a kayak!

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