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You may find yourself in one of three different areas of kayak ownership.

Podcast Transcript –

(00:00): Episode four, the kayakster marketplace. Today, we’re gonna talk about the three different situations. You might find yourself in with kayak ownership. If you’re ready, I am. Let’s go.

(00:16): All right, everybody it’s short and sweet. There are three different areas that you might find yourself in as a kayak owner, you’re either using your kayak to death, or you’re letting it sit around and you’re ready to sell it. You fall into three categories right there. If you’re using your kayak to death, maybe it’s time to get a better one, or maybe you’re good with the one you have, you know, maybe you’re like, Hey dude, I’m good. It’s cheap. It does the job I get, you know, do whatever I want. I don’t need to get a bigger kayak. I remember when I started, I actually, you know, had a big dream that I would have this huge, um, you know, ocean kayak, you know, and then I’d be out on the ocean and just, you know, kayaking all day or one of those hobie kayaks where I can peddle around and fish and all that great stuff.

(01:09): Before getting a yak I have to ask myself does it really fit, you know, my situation with the vehicle I have and the price point I’m looking for. And it really paired down eventually to a couple of used ones, um, paired down to, uh, a 10 footer by Pelican, a sit inside kayak that pretty much I bought it at a good price and have had no problems. So I use it right. I’m not ready. So with that situation, I’m not looking to upgrade. I’m good with the kayak I have, but I fall into that camp where I’m using my kayak. And now in terms of, of letting it sit around with last year, being a situation where there was less access to water, yes, it sat around a lot more, but this year I’ve used it quite a bit and I’m telling you, it reignited the freedom that’s associated with being a paddler, nothing, nothing is, is comparable to floating on the lake or on the river in a kayak where you’re just, you’re the captain of your own vessel.

(02:12): You don’t have regulations, you know, screaming down your back. You don’t have, um, anyone influencing your decision. You can paddle to the left to the right. You can go wherever you want. You can explore, you can fish where you want. Like, that’s amazing the freedom, right? And after last year with having less freedom this year, it was definitely great to be independent on the water and to, to get around. It was really, really priceless. And I’ve actually had a lot of people engage with me while I’m paddling this little 10 footer asking where I bought it. And I think a lot of people end up doing the same thing. They will rent first. Um, and then they’re just, they’re just kind of stewing on whether or not they want this type of kayak or that kind of kayak. It’s almost like, you know, they’re doing natural market research of what works for them, which is pretty smart if you ask me.


ask yourself three questions

Is my kayak being used anymore?

Am I ready to sell it?

Would someone rent my kayak?

(03:01): So I use my kayak a lot more right now, and then obviously it’s not sitting around last year. It sat around a lot. And then obviously if it sat around this year as well, and I just lost interest, I would probably get ready to sell it. Just like I did with my motorcycle earlier this year. I didn’t ride it for over over 12 months. And I just lost the passion in riding, riding the motorcycle. It wasn’t a safety issue, although that’s, that’s definitely a factor, but it was more or less just the enjoyment. I just sort of lost the enjoyment of it. I don’t know what that’s about, but nonetheless, someone else out there is benefited from my steward ship of that motorcycle. You know, having all the receipts and all the repair costs and everything involved, it was great to just kind of hand it to somebody else and have them see the value and, and enjoy the, enjoy the bike.

(03:51): Same thing with the kayak. You know, if I get bored of my 10 footer, I’ll go ahead and sell that and maybe level up and get, you know, an ocean or something else. But knowing which three camps I’m sitting in with my kayak is pretty important because, uh, if I’m just letting my gear sit around and it’s fading in the backyard and there’s weeds growing around it and there’s animals living in it, we’ve got a problem because I can actually get some money out of that. If I sell it, clean it, sell it and don’t let it dilapidate, then someone can use it and then they can enjoy it. And then I don’t have to worry about it and I didn’t lose any money they gain from it. So, so knowing which camp you belong in is pretty valuable. So which of the three camps do you belong in? Do you let your kayaks sit around too much? Um, are you ready to sell it? Do you use it a lot? One of these three camps you have to fit in there and you know, let, let us know in the comments below other people will read and maybe they can read about your situation and how you handle your paddling gear. And with that said, thanks again for your guys’ time. And until next time we’ll see you out there.


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