Kayakster can help you with your gear


Better than Craigslist because you’re in control of your gear and safety!

Kayakster Marketplace – where people help other people.

How can Kayakster help you? Well let me first start by saying that it’s a place where people can help other people. That’s the basic reason for any marketplace. And Kayakster is a marketplace for you and your kayak gear. You can sell your gear. Buy used gear, and even rent gear out. Essentially at its core its a person to person (P2P) marketplace. However, in addition we also allow very small businesses to also utilize the platform. This allows for a larger pull of available gear while also creating a larger pool of competitive pricing for consumers who would like to access the gear. This is a lot different then the price you may pay if you walk into the front door of a business or when you’re talking to someone on the side about their gear for sale. The platform creates an environment where buyers, renter, and sellers compete with each other for your benefit.

Simply sign up, confirm your account by email, then setup your profile!

Think of Kayakster as having your very own unlimited amount of kayak gear in your garage. And it’s available online and locally or wherever you travel. When people like you stage kayak gear in one place online it allows other people to rent or buy your gear while at the same time you can also rent someone else’s kayak. Most importantly you can borrow kayaks while you’re on the the road or on vacation with the family. So, to get started just do the following: 

Setup Kayakster Account

  1. Head over to Kayakster.com and sign up.
  2. Next step is to confirm your access. Simply click the account email we sent you.
  3. Now you can setup your profile and build your gear profile! It’s that easy.
Your Marketplace for kayaking

Like having an unlimited amount of kayaks in your garage, but instead its online wherever you travel.

Quick Start Steps:

1. Choose whether or not you want to sell, buy, or rent your gear.

On Kayakster you decide what you would like to do with your kayak and then select the appropriate action. This helps us categorize the gear your selling so we can help promote it with you. From there you simply setup the specifics of your gear. Color, size, type, etc.

2. Enter key information like pictures and video.

Everyone knows gear sells and rents better with pictures. On Kayakster it’s no different. In fact, you can even expand your information by uploading a video. Video goes a long way in confidence with your future buyer.

3. Write a detailed summary for your customer.

You have the pictures and the video, now it’s time to summarize what you have for sale. Make sure the kayak model is stated. Your audience can then do their own research. You may want to highlight a personal story or event with the gear to help tie in excitement.

4. Share your post for others to see.

Now you can show off your gear to people who may be interested. The Kayakster Marketplace community will definitely see your gear. But what about other people you know or your social network? They can come see your profile and buy or rent your gear online. It’s that simple!

Very easy and simple. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us!

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