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The New Kayaking Experience

Don’t you think it’s time to sell your kayak? You know the one that you bought a while back and no longer use. Or you bought it and used it but now you want to upgrade or move on to something else.

Have you thought about renting your kayak? If your kayak is sitting around why not rent it out? Let your kayak make a little cash for you.

Are you looking to buy a kayak? Do you find yourself spending hours online searching facebook and craigslist for a great deal on an awesome kayak? makes it possible for you to sell, rent, or buy a kayak online. Say goodbye to wasting time and getting frustrated. Welcome to a different kayaking experience.

Save Time

Kayak buyers and renters can search quickly for available paddling gear.

Kayak owners can consolidate their gear into one profile making it easier for buyers and renters to see all your available inventory. You can even promote lessons and tours on your profile if thats the service you want to offer!

Work Smarter

Kayak buyers and renters can communicate directly with the owner at any time.

Kayak owners can easily promote paddling gear from one location. Simply set up a profile with pictures, video, and details about your gear. It’s that easy. Now you can share your profile to promote your gear and services. 

Save Money

Kayak buyers and renters save money with competitive pricing.

Kayak owners save money by using one platform to promote their paddling gear and services. Additionally everyone has access to the organic promotion that takes place naturally with the popularity of the platform itself. 

Kayakster is super easy to use.

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1. Search for kayaks and paddle-boards in your local area or near your next paddling destination.

We make it easy for you to search online for local kayaks and paddle-boards. You can use the map view to zoom into your desired location or simply search by the name of the location to see available kayaks. As our community grows the kayak availability also increases and more people will have a chance to discover kayaking freedom!

2. Review details about the gear you’re interested in and make your reservation or accept the purchase price.

When you find the kayak you’re looking for take time to review the description and details provided by the owner. From here you can message the owner directly with any questions or concerns you may have, prior to making a decision. Then once you’re comfortable you can simply accept the offer price (if you are buying) or make a reservation (if you are renting) based on the calendar availability set by the owner.

3. Payment online is simple and easy. Your payment and customer rating applies once the transaction is complete. 

When you decide on the kayak or paddle-board of your choice we will send you a confirmation with all the details, and you can confirm your gear exchange through Kayakster. Payment is processed after the exchange of sale or service along with a peer review rating.

Helping users and sellers connect!

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Kayakster is an online marketplace that allows people to rent (or sell) kayaks, paddle boards, and canoes from one online location. They can even rent out their services to provide kayaking and paddle-board lessons and local tours. It’s like the Airbnb to kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing.


It can be your personal storefront for free (minus transaction fee) to make extra income renting or selling your paddling gear. It is now possible for kayak, paddle board or canoe owner to rent or sell their gear online with a limited 3% transaction fee which takes place only at the point of sale or purchase. Additionally, small businesses can use our platform and diversify how they service platforms and save money using our integrated scheduling and purchase process without upfront costs.



A maximum fee of three percent (3%) applies to the final purchase amount. The fee will never (ever) exceed three percent (3%) and may even decrease depending on the volume exchange within your local area since the fee ultimately returns back to the platform to cover operational costs including advertising that is related to


The three percent (3%) maximum fee applies to all exchanges on the platform and it covers associated overhead costs and ultimately returns back to the users of the platform by facilitating marketing efforts that promote the platform (your gear) within a local area.


The platform is setup where everyone has to officially register in order to communicate or act within the platform. Because the platform is online it can be accessed 24/7 which helps people manage their inventory or contact sellers and renters at their own convenience.


The number one concern when using equipment here on this marketplace or on other marketplaces ( is the possibility of damage or abuse on either the provider side or the user side of the transaction. Communication is key prior to the actual rental or service exchange and this can be done completely within the platform at your convenience. Most importantly the amount of money for the transaction does not process (Paypal or Stripe) until both parties confirm the exchange occurred with satisfaction.




PERSONAL OWNERS OF THE GEAR: Ultimately renting the gear (or service) is completely on your terms as a personal owner and the renter will either agree or not. You can always turn away someone that you may feel is not a great fit to rent your gear or has no idea how to load the equipment or use it. Additionally, you can apply a rental stipulation like retaining a deposit amount or physically retaining a credit card until the gear is returned. This type of stipulation is a common place on listings within kayakster so it’s clear to everyone interested.


RENTERS OF EQUIPMENT OR SERVICES: Ultimately you do not have to rent gear or services that are completely beyond what you would expect in a normal transaction. Equipment failure happens with new and used gear and services like a local tour and the like can be interrupted by weather and other unforeseen events. Inspecting gear before using it (like a rental car exchange) is useful and there are other measures that can take place. Communicate with the owner within the platform so its documented and it should be obvious what the expectations are prior to renting the gear or using the service.


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